Clear vision,
complexity unravelled

The demands of today’s commercial property market mean that many redevelopment, refurbishment and asset mangement solutions aren’t immediately obvious. They need an expert eye, trained with a deep understanding of the market and the experience to deliver.

Capella's core strategy is to identify property assets which provide an opportunity to enhance value through redevelopment, refurbishment, change of use or through active asset management that improves rental flow and income quality.

Core skills

  • Expertise in sourcing viable projects and securing development funding
  • Planning and strategic land acquisitions
  • Expertise of a wide range of different partnership models and structures
  • Clear and focused financial analysis
  • Excellence in asset management, construction and project management 
  • Formulating and implementing overall project strategy
  • Ensuring compliance with planning, building, environmental & sustainability regulations
  • Letting and tenant matching
  • Building sales & profit realisation

Our approach and values


A thoughtful, considered and detailed approach to the development process underpins our ability to create superior quality product and enhanced returns. We strive to be identified as sector specialists creating assets considered as best in class. Our ability to understand thoroughly the objective and requirements of development partners, occupiers and investors has resulted in a succession of successful projects.


Teamwork is an essential pre-requisite to achieving a successful outcome. We recognise the strengths in other members of the team and always seek to create a dynamic environment in which each individual feels able to contribute fully to the process.

The Future

We are growing our business by creating great relationships with our clients and superior returns on every project. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Funding Partners

Aviva Investors  GE  Kames Capital